Tenga - Double Hole Cup - Ultimate Gay Masturbation Toy

Tenga Double Hole Cup - Ultimate Gay Masturbation Toy

RED-Double Hole (1)

From the front and from the back…. TOC-105 - US$39.00
PLUTOYS price: US$39.00 plus Shipping US$7.00
1. 6 pieces of Ultra Thin Condoms Worth US$3.60
DIEM Wash - 75ml worth US$10.00

Enjoy two different penetrations. The “Bitter Side” firmly tightens while the “Sweet Side” gently clings to your penis. Normal use is one side at a time. But, using both simultaneously transports you to the virtual world of a threesome…

Success stories using the Ultimate Gay Masturbation Tool
“The two sides to this Onacup are totally different in feeling, so it’s good to have something to alternate with. It felt like I was with 2 different girls at once, every man’s dream.”
“I used this with my male partner together, it was a bit of a tight squeeze for us, but so much fun. Kind of weird to, in a good way.”

Q & A section
How many times can TENGA be used?
All TENGA ONACUP series have been designed to be disposed after use. We would like you to have the best experience with TENGA in a perfect hygiene.
However, some users use TENGA Onacups or EGG, more than one time;
1) they don’t ejaculate inside by using condom; and
2) washing TENGA after using it.

TENGA is a personal product and should not be shared or used by other people.